Thursday, January 17, 2013

Froot Loops?

toucan work in progress
Lineart for a Toucan :) I love these birds and their colourful beaks, make for a really bright drawing.

And you have been able to get froot loops here for awhile, but they don't taste the same :/ Not enough sugar I think:p Not a lot of flavour to them. Oreos don't taste the same here either, they taste really bland. I could get both at a store in Dundee but the prices are insane...£1 or more for one can of pop o.0


2paw said...

Thanks for the link, Froot Loops are available here, in fact I have one of the teeny tiny packets. I must undo it and see what colours there are. When they fiddle with time honoured formulae it never goes well. I personally miss Frosties!!!

Sue Clinker said...

Never heard of Froot Loops - but I haven't got a sweet tooth so probably wouldn't like them much. I crave chilli Prawn Crackers which I used to devour when living in Singapore - they are tiny cushion shaped snacks which give you terrible 'bear's breath' but I was addicted.
I've found one place I could buy them online but like you I won't pay their silly prices for them. Other brands just don't taste the same.

I like toucans (and puffins) - the toucan is the Guinness emblem isn't it?

Michelle Basic Hendry said...

I bet that's why people are healthier and thinner over there... Love Toucan Sam, though! :-)

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

lol nope, one of the places with the highest obesity, blame the pies and all the really sweet sweets you can get

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

i think it is, i remember seeing advertisements with a toucan on them. never drank any so i really have no idea lol

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

you can get frosties here, haven't had them before tho