Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Drew a design for a Jabberwocky,(and yes its very dragon like :p), and then scanned it so I could mess around with the image in photoshop. I really like how this filter looks, I think it would work really well for an image to print in just black and white.

I figured I might as well relate the Jabberwocky to what I like drawing, just include the few details given in the poem about the Jabberwocky to try to tie the creature more to the poem.


Cindy Lane said...

Cool! Looks just like an embossed piece of art. I'm a sucker for dragon stuff.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

it was the emboss filter so glad thats what it looks like :)

kaslkaos said...

Love your take on the Jabberwocky. Wonderful. And yes the filter is nice. You could try a real emboss on your linocut if you use damp watercolour.