Friday, May 10, 2013

Learning to Draw Again

Well, sort of. My hands are not 100%, but good enough to try to draw something. The fingers are still numb, and my hand shakes when drawing, but it is still possible to start a drawing if I don't mind taking more time on it, (and erasing a lot of shaky lines :p) And of course, on top of numb hands, I might have tennis elbow, holding a mouse gets really painful and I can't move my arm certain directions or pick up things...I always say, if I was a horse, I would have been shot or turned into glue by now :p


  1. This is looking interesting already Jen. Glad you are getting a little relief.

  2. Your determination is so inspiring! :) Like this drawing already!

  3. Oh no, not glue!!! Your drawing looks great, so the persistence is paying off. Hope the numbness goes away.