Saturday, July 13, 2013

Eagle #8

My scanner really doesn't like scanning these pencils lol makes it look a lot more grainy then it actually is. Not sure how I could fix that, will have to do a bit of research.

Not a whole lot done today, since my right arm is starting to hurt again, so I can draw for about 15 mins and then have to stop and have a break :/ Really don't want to pull a tendon again, so for the nest few days it will probably be slow going. This is taking forever :p


  1. I love your linedrawings of the eagles, and this colored version looks great too.

  2. It might seem to be taking forever (although it isn't that long ago you started) LOL

    I love this one and think its going to be my favourite of your works so don't get impatient and spoil it (I'm getting bossy now)!

    1. it seems like it was long ago :p i've gone back to spending ages on a drawing, and after having to work really fast in college, it feels odd lol

      trying not to ruin it *fingers crossed*

  3. They look amazing Jen! :) Love the colors in this piece.