Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Golden Eagle #1

Start of new drawing :-) 

The start of a new drawing. There will be 2 eagles in this, and I have tried colouring them previously, but that didn't work out, the colours just didn't look right. Hopefully this time it fairs better.

For awhile this one was starting to look more lean like an osprey, but I think it looks more like an eagle now. hmmm I don't think I have actually ever drawn/coloured an osprey, need to remedy that.


Sue Clinker said...

He looks fierce

Cindy Lane said...

Looking great already Jen, and I can highly recommend drawing ospreys!

Sarah Crumpton said...

I'm already in love with this fine feathered fellow! :) Can't wait to see him in color; golden eagles have such beautiful plumage.
We have lots of ospreys around here, and they are such amazing raptors. You should totally draw one! :)

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thats good :), because i thought he looked a bit too happy

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thanks cindy :) going to see if any of the zoos near by have some, if not, there is always stock photos :)

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thanks sarah :) there is a lot of colour in both the birds, not just browns that a lot of people think

there are ospreys in scotland, but they are heavily protected so can be hard to see