Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bucket List?

I like the idea having a list of things you want to do before you die, but lately I have been seeing posts and comments on other sites that a lot of people that have MS think that because they have MS they will die young. Yes, in some cases, a person with MS will have a shorter life expectancy then someone without MS. But you want to know how much shorter?? Maybe 10 years. Thats it. Its almost like people say screw it, whats the point? Just let me die already :/

The point is, that even with a crappy diagnoses, and a disease that is unpredictable in how it will effect you, modern medicine has come an amazingly long way in the last 10-15 years. Personally I don't think there will be a cure for probably another 10-15 years, but thats no reason to just give up. There are so many things you can take to lessen symptoms, or slow down the progression of the disease.

Yes there are different types of MS which can and are horrible to deal with, and maybe its just me, but I think that while a person is still able to, they should try to enjoy life, not just roll over and die.

This doom and gloom attitude is one of the big reasons I avoid most blogs and forums that deal with MS. The negative attitude doesn't help.  I am so glad that when I was originally diagnosed I didn't read them or I would have thought my life was over.  It seems that a lot of people just focus on the negative points of having MS, (which are many, don't get me wrong), instead of even seeing the positive in the smallest thing.

Anyway, back to the bucket list idea. If I made one, I would probably only have 4 things on it
1. Go back to New Zealand
2. Finish college
3. Get into Uni
4. Relearn how to play the piano (have a keyboard, just need to get off my ass and play it). I could relearn the trumpet, but pretty sure I would drive the neighbours insane :p

Not actually a lot, and pretty much doable. Maybe it shouldn't be called a bucket list, that just puts pressure on a person to complete the list before they kick it, instead of going with the flow and seeing what happens. Which is how I treat MS in myself. What will be, will be, as cliché as that is. Yes it took over 5 years for me to think that, but got there in the end :p

Yes, you might have a horrible disease, but really with a bit of adaptation and change, you really can do most things. (running a marathon is out for me :p never a runner before diagnoses anyway, and now would just end up hailing a cab to get through it :p)

Maybe it should just be a life list instead?? That makes more sense, and doesn't sound so gloomy. (very random blog post, blame the flu lol)


Sandi said...

You have such a great, positive attitude, Jen. I love the idea of a life list - brilliant!

Kay Warner said...

Go for it!

Peggy said...

A lot is determined by the attitude and I really admire yours Jennifer :)

2paw said...

The flu would make anyone random. I waited for some kind of epiphany when I first got sick and was quite seriously ill. Now I rarely plan very far in advance and am just happy to potter along. Mind you, I am confident enough to get new puppies!! Hope you are feeling better soon. Like the green bucket!!!