Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Off to See a Vampire

To the hospital....yay :-P 

So every 6 months I either see my MS nurse or I see a neurologist and then get blood taken.I have had so much blood taken, that I don't even bat an eye. Jump in the chair, hold my arm out and point at the vein in my arm. Makes the phlebotomists laugh to see someone so willing to get blood drawn. I wouldn't say I'm willing, but there comes a point when you just stop caring and get it over with. But small scratch my ass!

Between having to get tested for Von Willebrand disease, and various surgeries, the sight of blood doesn't bug me. Its like. "oh crap, bleeding.Need a ban-aid", or stitches :p 

The only time I have ever really had a problem with getting blood drawn, was when the doctors wanted so much before I was diagnosed. I can remember them taking at least 6 of the little vials, and I was a tad woozy after that. Needed sugar :p Lots of it.


2paw said...

I'm the same, I think nothing of it. I like the butterfly things rather then the clicky in vial. I have one good vein and I look after it. It is strange the things you get used to.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

dont think i have had the butterfly things, its usually the clicky vial thing.