Thursday, September 26, 2013

Finished Eagle

eagle finished 

Finished :) Really happy with how this turned out.

Starting to think I should have went into some kind of science, so I could take Zoology in uni and then become an ornithologist. But I stuck with art, mostly because it was easy, and also my grades were generally not that good in most classes other then English. (wouldn't think that with the way I write :p).

I guess I could start focusing more on birds in art more then I already do. Learn more about bird anatomy and research other avian artists.


2paw said...

We have lots of wonderful exhibitions at the Museum of Joseph Banks and other people who drew and painted flora and fauna. You could definitely be an ornithological artist!!!

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Jennifer,
It turned out Gorgeous!
You are getting very good.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thanks norma :)

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

i'm crossing my fingers there are still some birds at the loch so i can get some photos to draw :)

Shashi Nayagam said...

Wow he is absolutely wonderful

jobologist said...

omg!!! this is stunning! w/o second thought...i clicked the "join this site" button on the left side of the deserve more followers!