Thursday, February 20, 2014


The dogs name is Boss, one of the many dogs in the area and I swear this guy has springs on his feet he bounces around more then Tigger. A Boxer with a long tail :D I love seeing them with their tails the way they should be and not chopped off.

I figured I should draw a few dogs and probably a few horses since I do like drawing them in graphite, but really don't draw them enough. This looks so odd without shading, and I can tell from the photo I am going to have to adjust the nose area a bit more before I start shading it. I probably don't have time this week to work on any coloured pencil work, but graphite is a lot quicker to complete.


Sue Clinker said...

Its good to get back to basics and work with graphite for a while I think - still challenging but as you say much faster than coloured pencils.

Love Boxers and I agree about the tails. Look forward to seeing more of 'Boss'

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

I spelt his name wrong I think its Bosse, possibly German?
Hopefully get to work on him tomorrow *crosses fingers*

2paw said...

Bosse is such a nice dog, he has very expressive eyes!! I agree, I love seeing corgis and boxers and other dogs with their tails. They just look so right. Docking is outlawed here now.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

against the law here too, as well as ear cropping. but there are people that wont it legal again :/