Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Jaw Surgery Pics

So, I have had a few people ask me what the stitches look like, and though what the hell, lets gross people out :p Wanted to give people the option to see them or not, no open wounds or anything but I am pretty swollen and its a lot of stitches. So here is a side view: an here is a 3/4ish view Its been cleaned up a bit, so its not so yellow now and the hole in my neck was where the drain came out. They did have to shave my hair a bit above my ear, not sure if I mentioned that, but thankfully I have a lot of hair and it covers that area. Looking at the side view, makes me realize I like my nose lol

Today its still swollen and itchy from the stitches, which thankfully are supposed to come out tomorrow. I don't know if its because the nerves are waking up or if its just something that happens, but the right side of my face feels like it is on fire. Now I'm use to that feeling in my hands and feet due to the MS, but its very odd and painful to have it on your face. I really should look that up or remember to ask the Drs tomorrow.

And one plus to the eating situation, I'm not stuck eating just soup. I can have spaghetti hoops if I mush them up :p We figured out that I am only getting about 300 calories a day....not that good. I wanted to lose weight, but maybe not this fast :p


Shashi Nayagam said...

Oh dear I do hope you feel better soon. Sounds very painful.

Michelle Basic Hendry said...

I hope the feeling is temporary and is a good sign things will go back to normal. Soon!

Serena Lewis said...

OH you poor thing! I too hope the burning sensation goes away. It will be much better for you when the stitches come out. 300 calories is not much at all. Have a lovely weekend despite what you're dealing with ~ xo

kaslkaos said...

Cream soup, sugared drinks, gator aid, tang-don't starve.
And a billion ows!

2paw said...

Sustagen????? Do they not have internal stitches?? I know now it is getting better!!! I am reading backwards.