Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Matted Cranes

Had my cranes matted, a good mount can really make a piece look so much better :)

I swear I need a suit made out of bubble wrap :p I either broke bones in my foot, or tore the muscles in my foot,(according to physio), but since x-rays can have a hard time seeing the break, getting an x-ray can be pointless, but in either case the only thing to do is rest my foot. Maybe I should wear my steel toes boots all the time lol


  1. Take care of yourself. Your matted cranes look lovely

  2. Your cranes look quite stunning - how big is the overall piece now?
    So sorry to hear about your foot but at least it wasn't your hands this time ;-)

    1. i will have to measure it after the 19th, its in my portfolio for uni and i have no idea lol

      thankfully i really tend not to do anything to my hands besides hit the area where the 6th finger was, i must try to save them :p

  3. They look to be flying across the board. Hope you can keep yourself in one piece.

  4. No?? No, that is terrible: the foot thing not the beautiful artwork. I hope your foot is feeling better now, and maybe you do need bumpers!!