Thursday, May 08, 2014

Quick Little Sketch

Took about 5 minutes because I want to see how fast I could sketch a bird, and while this is from a photo I'm sure I could be just as quick from life, just need to take my sketchbook to a zoo or wildlife centre next time I go so I can try to get a few live bird sketches. I would put bird feeders in the yard so I could draw some garden birds, but I object to paying for bird food for the birds, just for the bird to end up as a snack for the many felines around here.

And besides having to finish writing my artist statement, I am done all my college work. yay! I can sleep in class for the last week (jk). Actually I will probably just try to use the press as much as I can while I can. Did manage to print  3 prints today, but none turned out perfect enough for me, so I plan on painting them to see how they look then.

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