Friday, June 27, 2014

More Public Art

I didn't really get much drawing done today, busy cleaning with help from my mother in law, which is greatly appreciated, and my hands and feet are numb, well numb isn't the right word. They feel like a dead weight. Jeeze, I've been mentioning health issues a lot lately lol So below is probably my favourite on the art trail from yesterday, I really like the energy it has and its really well done.


Hard to tell what it is from this angle but....


Diving ducks! I think its very clever the way the water has been portrayed.


 Head close up.


Another duck on the statue :) This is done by the artist David Annand. He has a lot of great work on his site to look at.

I did manage to get one petal done on the lilies and start another, but then my hand gave up the ghost, so had to stop.

Only managed one petal and a bit of another today #art #colouredpencil #flowers #lilies #coloredpencil  #pink

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