Sunday, June 22, 2014

Scottish Word of the Week


This weeks Scottish Word is, yeukie.

Last weeks word,loup, means to jump...leep :)

I am still going to try to get the camera set up on the tripod so I can have video of John saying the words. Might be easier to guess if an actual Scottish person says them lol


Serena Lewis said...

No clue what Yeukie is. Is the picture a clue? It's a pic of a Scottish Highland cow, isn't it?

I think it would be cool to hear John saying the words. My Granny still had the broad Scottish accent after living in Australia for many years. My Mum has the accent but doesn't use all the Scottish terms like my Granny did. We kids would love listening to our Granny talk...we'd even try to replicate the accent ourselves. What fun we had.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

hmmm not sure if the pic would be a clue, i would think this animal would be yeukie sometimes with all that hair ;)

if I could get johns grandad to say something on camera it would be great, he says a lot of old school scots words that are not used much anymore. he tries to confuse me on purpose lol with words that make no sense :p

2paw said...

Are you sure that would actually be any help to me?? I think not!! As I am reading backwards I will know all the answers!!! I think it is slang for a Yorkshire Terrier!!!