Saturday, August 09, 2014


The start of a malamute that lives around here. He is so fluffy and full of energy lol

This is on Fisher400 paper, which I love but I don't really see a difference between it and normal sandpaper, so I don't get the huge price difference. I should do a small test with it and normal sandpaper and expose them to sun, water, fixative and then compare the 2. There might be a difference, but I am really starting to notice that a lot of supplies labelled as "artist", are no different from what you could get at a DIY store and for half the price.

*edit* I've used coloured pencils on sandpaper to compare them, but the site for the paper says you can use all kinds of different media on the paper, so need to do testing for that. The site says you can wet the paper, but pretty sure you can do the same with normal sandpaper.


Sue Clinker said...

I see from your post 'labels' that you're using coloured pencil on the sandpaper. That'll eat your pencils at a great rate LOL. I've done a couple of cps drawings on Fisher 400 and it was great for getting lots of fine detail but I prefer to use pastels/pastel pencils (despite making my fingertips sore cos I can't resist blending by hand).

The eyes look great here ... Lovely dogs, Malamutes. I look forward to seeing more of him

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

there are really nice dogs, too much fur for me tho :p

It does eat pencils, but I found the Fisher paper does too. The site for the paper says you can wet the paper, so need to try that. Have you??

and yeah very hard not to use fingers to blend, even if you lose fingerprints doing it :D

Sue Clinker said...

Hi Jennifer, just replied on my Blog but basically, I've used watercolour on Fisher 400 as a background for a cps drawing but I put it on very thinly so didn't soak the paper. It worked well and was faster than doing a backgound with cps. Don't know how it would cope if it was made VERY wet though. Sue x