Friday, September 26, 2014


oops :p Had to grab it before it ended up lost in the North Sea lol Did manage to get a lot of nice photos before they fell apart, too many to choose from actually. But onto the next project, which is more drawing based I think, so more my style.

Still coughing, still don't think its asthma playing up, pretty sure its something else, but the nurse sees asthma on my chart and think it can't be anything else. Ugh, sound horrible when I cough or wheeze :p Brought up whooping cough, because even if I was vaccinated as a kid, it does wear off and can still get it as an adult. Nope couldn't be that. But then I end up talking to another nurse up at the hill with all the dogs running around, find out that it is going around....Not that anything really be done but wait for it to pass if it is whopping cough.


kaslkaos said...

I Love this ! An absolutely fantastic photo. Maybe a series?

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

there are almost 1000 photos, so could make a series :D