Monday, September 01, 2014

Ducks Everywhere

The start of another mallard, this time in coloured pencil. Might be a little hard to see tho :/

Teresa recently made a blog post about transferring drawings and I said I use method #4, using a piece of tracing paper with the image drawn on it and then turned over face down on good paper. You then go over the back either with another soft pencil or you could even use the lid of of a tin of pencils :p The image will be reversed, but should transfer. I do this all the time, you just have to remember to draw the image in the opposite direction then what you want your final image to be in.

I thought a lot of other artist did this, especially when working large and you might not have access to either a big enough window or a big enough light box. Guess I might be wrong. Yes, it can be a bit more work, but there would have been no way I would have gotten all of this duck drawn on good paper without transferring. Drawing directly on the paper would have left too many impressions in the paper, which would show up where I don't want them.


Sue Clinker said...

I tend to do the same as you Jennifer especially as I use heavier papers like Fisher 400 or Pastelmat these days. I used to like Tracedown paper for outlines but find it can be very hard to erase/disguise and can spoil work

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

I found the tracedown hard to erase ass well and sometimes left marks I didn't want