Tuesday, September 30, 2014

More Uni Work

Only had about 20 minutes to do this, so that is why its only half of her face. Pretty good for the time taken.

A leaf done with coloured conte, which took almost all morning to do lol Both are  on A2 paper, so not that small.

I will probably post Uni work when I can, just to show people what the work can involve in first year. I will still post job work, just thought it might be good to show the Uni work I do as well.


kaslkaos said...

Is this as close as you get to life drawing there? (ie, no nude models?)

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

no we had nude models at college, not sure about uni. I would think they would have nude models but wont find out until next year since no more life drawing at all this year :/