Thursday, October 02, 2014

Throwback Thrusday

More pets :)

The black Labs name was First, (first family dog :p) and The Great Dane was Harry if I am remembering correctly. He was as dumb as a rock and the size of a small boulder :p

That wood stove was the only source of heating in this house, which was fine with me since my room was in this part of the house, freezing in the rest of the house tho lol


Jo Castillo said...

Good story, made me smile. I remember when wood heat was the only heat, too. Very cold mornings. When I was small, my dad always got up and made the fires for the rest of us. Good dad!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

yep good dad. wood would be cheaper here, but just not practical for us or we would have a wood stove instead of gas

2paw said...

Oh look at that Labrador!! Harry looks pretty giant and I see they are by the fire!!! Dogs love the fire.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

the Lab was a nice dog, the Dane just really stupid :p He would sleep right against the wood fire, was always worried he would get burned