Thursday, December 11, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Says 1985 on the back. Real tree probably which I find odd now since most people have fake ones here, real ones are too expensive ,(I think they are anyway for the size of the tree you get), andd people don't want to hoover the fallen needles:p

Looking through these photos, (wish I had more actually, I do miss having more photos of back in Canada), there is a lot of macramé lamp shades and plant hangers lol

Hmm should I get bangs/fringe again?


2paw said...

I used to wonder what 'bangs' were, something exotic I was sure. Nope, just a fringe!! Only get a fringe if you are prepared to have it trimmed all the time, or can cope with growing it out. Macramé is making a comeback. Be afraid, be very afraid!!!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

I blame the hipsters for the resurgence of macramé :p
I think if I really got bangs, they would just make me mad getting in my eyes all the time :p

Screaming Feline said...

My mom made me have bangs for the longest time growing up. I will never go back to them! :D