Monday, March 16, 2015

Cough Cough Cough

Yay I have a chest infection, so a week of antibiotics to try to get rid of it. Couldn't have waited 3 weeks when we are off for Easter could it? :p

Anyway... finished carving the background away on an eagle lino and now onto the eagle itself. I actually find lino harder to use then making an etching. For some reason my mind has an easier time with hatching then it does with solid shapes. Its very odd.


Ann said...

This is going to be fantastic. But maybe you're a line person. I think some folks see line more easily and for some it's shapes. Hope you feel better soon!

Jeanette Jobson said...

I love your birds, whether etched or carved. I find etching easier to do too. Less planning about where to cut I think.

Chest infection, not fun. I hope the pills kick in and help soon.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thanks Ann :) yeah I think i'm more of a line person, just makes more sense to me *shrugs* :)

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thanks Jeanette :) It is less planning and I find it easier to fix mistakes with an etching, even tho with both once you carve/scratch that usually it

This chest infection is kicking my butt :/