Thursday, April 16, 2015

Book Cover Idea

Messing around in Illustrator, made a simple book cover for my favourite book, (minus the fuzzydragons tag of course). Its not my favourite book because of the violence, but the message in it. I do think everyone should try to read it, some people find the language hard to grasp but it is worth a read.

And if you haven't read or seen the movie (didn't care for the movie compared to the book, I did feel like it glorified the violence, but that's my opinion), you probably wont get the milk reference but I liked the action of the milk and how it looked after I turned it into a vector image :)

I guess you could call this fan art :)


Rolina said...

That is excellent! I must get around to reading the book.

Gary L. Everest said...

Hey Jennifer,
Great photo treatment! Regarding the book/movie...I saw the movie as a young person and was shocked by it. It was seriously ahead of the times and shocked a whole lot of viewers.
Never read the book, but I may just do that based on your recommendation.
Have a great weekend!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thanks Rolina :) it is very violent just keep that in mind but it does have a good message in it

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

Thanks Gary :)
yeah the movie can be shocking to see, and while there are some shocking parts in the book, in your head you can tone it down if needed.