Monday, May 11, 2015

Canadian and Scottish Word of the Week May 10 2015


Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Take off Eh!;-)

Rolina said...

Ahh, at least I know this week's words! The beaver's tails sound like something I've experienced in Dundee which I think are called pigs feet(?), basically, greasy puff pastry with icing on top - way too sweet!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

Were I lived it was generally used in a not so nice way :p

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

can't seem to find any info on pigs feet in Dundee, but it does sound similar :)

but did you know the Canadian word before stooshie was mentioned?? ;)

Gary L. Everest said...

Another great show! This one had me laughing out loud.
Have you two given any (more) thought to turning this into a comedy club act? This format seems perfect, for now, though I wonder how it would go over with a crowd. The key is your naturalness, which might be difficult to achieve on stage. I dunno...there's just such a wonderful chemistry going on between you two with that camera rolling. It's funny, cute, spontaneous and did I say FUNNY?
Have a great day--both of you!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

:) I think if it was on stage I would freeze lol might be hard to come of natural but I don't plan on stopping filming these for a bit, well until I run out of Canadian words/phrases :) would hope there was chemistry been married 9 years lol