Thursday, June 25, 2015

Finished Sky

I am pretty happy with this :) The fixative made all the darks really pop and darkened the background colours for the better.

Drawing this has made me realize I really need practice with fabric. So that is what I am going to do, was going to practice drawing glass, but can try to do both this summer :) Wont be able to do much else after jaw surgery so might as well practice. Now, to etch something :)

Added a grey scale image. Could be darker in some areas, but too late now its been sprayed to seal the pencils :)


Rolina said...

Fabulous, it looks great!

Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Jennifer,
Rolina took the words right out of my mouth. The face is so well done, the fabric is pun intended, but what a great one, if I do say so myself.
It's late here now and I've exhausted my limited computer skills, so it's to bed. I downloaded the "any video converter" as John recommended and was successful in converting a video to .MP4, but I cannot get it moved off the converter site. The only option it gives me is to "paste the file number". When I tried that, the only thing it copied to YouTube was part of my rant from the last post!? I have no idea how that happened.
Maybe Michele will have better luck doing something with the converted video. I can't even get it to play after clicking on the "play video" button!
I'll report back if we ever figure this out. :((
Have a good day.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thanks Rolina :D

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thanks Gary :)

hmm the only thing I can think is that went wrong with the paste file number was that it didn't get copied before you pasted it. usually ctrl+v or right click on the file and copy because its needs something to paste. so you probably did copy from your blog post last and that why it pasted. dont want to sound condescending, so if you did copy the file, ignore what I wrote :) not sure how much you know about net stuff since I find people off all ages that either know nothing or know a lot :)

hopefully Michele can figure it out :)

hope you have a good day :)

Screaming Feline said...

She looks amazing!
Do you have a special place this is going to go on the wall??

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

above the couch maybe?? wherever there isn't direct light, which might be hard since we have big windows everywhere

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

oh, and thanks :D