Sunday, July 19, 2015

Canadian and Scottish Word of the Week July 19 2015


Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Guys,
Wow! Finally, out from behind the camera! Nice to meet you and put a face to the voice.
As always, I thoroughly enjoyed the show. No guess on the Scottish word, but my guess for the Canadian word is young ladies who attend hockey games to see and/or meet the players--akin to groupies, but with hockey instead of rock bands.
Have a great tomorrow.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

I had no idea he was going to get in front of the camera lol

yep puck bunnies are hockey groupies. there are some more not so nice terms for them tho

2paw said...

I already knew chesterfield was a couch and I missed my chance!!
yes, we say it is close and we mean muggy or smelly children in the classroom!!!
I think of Due South and the flag.
How nice to see you both and I think there was a general waving of hands!!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

lol could use of the word for smelly children :p