Sunday, August 16, 2015

10 Days

So its been 10 days since my jaw surgery, the stitches came out on Thursday, so it is much easier now to move my neck even tho I still can't move it normally. Due to nerve damage I cannot close my left eye all the way, doesn't close about 2-3 mm so my vision is really blurry even with glasses on. Should get better, if not I am doomed to a life of eye drops and an eye patch. Here is a photo update after the stitches, with more puppies before and after.


Some people might be wondering why I post about my jaw but not the MS. I think its because to me, the MS while a pain in the backside, its something I deal with every day so don't consider it a big deal. Its always there, so if I did post about it, it would be all the time and that would get boring and grate on people's nerves. The problems I have had with my jaw, more specifically my TMJ, are not talked about a lot and really some people often think the problems they have are normal, or a sign of aging. Often the problem can be fixed or at least lessened if people would go to their dentist about it and get refereed to Maxillofacial.


Julie Ford Oliver said...

You have a terrific and positive attitude. I applaud you for it, Jennifer.
I look at all those stitches and know you have really been through it. Keep those drops going so you do not get dry eye.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thank you :) reminds me I need to phone the doc to get more drops :)

2paw said...

Oh aarrgggh, a vast behind!! A pirate's life for me. The wounds look pretty good, nice stitches too. Of course the puppies help. Glad you are feeling better. I agree, my normal illness thing I can deal with, it's the other things that scare the bejeezus out of me!!!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

yeah you know what to expect with the normal illness, its things like this that throw you.

a pirate would be an easy Halloween costume :p