Sunday, August 02, 2015

Canadian and Scottish Word of the Week August 2 2015


Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Jennifer,
Before I forget...Sasquatch has to be that tall, hairy critter which inhabits the deep woods--the not-so-missing link. It seems they live all over the planet.
Chinook is the favorite fish of Sasquatch. Just kidding. Isn't it the name for a particularly fierce Canadian wind? I'll go with that.
Best of luck with the upcoming surgery, Jennifer. Hope it goes perfectly for you and you're back in no time with more "Word(s) of the Day", the finest, funniest show on television.
As usual, not a clue for the Scottish word. We Americans are famous for our ignorance of other languages, I'm embarrassed to say. Chagrined, too--not to be confused with Chinook. :)
Have a good week.
PS Nice to know Scotland banned rodeo shows long ago. Probably lion hunting, too! Bravo!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

right on both of them :) and thank you :) not looking forward to it, but needs must :/

a lot of people want fox hunting here completely banned, but I don't see that happening right now :/

2paw said...

And they had the Six Million Dollar German Shepherd, which also ran very slowly and you have to imagine it is fast. Ohh Skynet parts in your jaw!!!
Rodeos aren't banned here though I think they should be.
Yes, I know the sasquatch word, like the yeti or the missing link. Is Chinook a helicopter??? Yes we get on with it regardless of the weather and the El Nino is giant this year.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

John keeps going on about Skynet and my jaw lol

Well Chinooks are a type of helicopter, but in this case it to do with the weather :)