Friday, August 28, 2015

Moby Dick Poster #1

Spent all day working on our summer project, not that it looks it lol More than likely I will not be going with this idea for the final poster, but it shows I am working on it.

I think I prefer it without the text tho, just wish the whale was solid white but I am working on that.


Michelle B. Hendry said...

Very cool concept!!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thanks Michelle :)

Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Jennifer,
Glad to learn your healing is coming along nicely. May it continue!
This poster truly shows your unbounded creativity and imagination. It's an incredibly unique take on what is generally thought of as a dark tale. If I saw this as an advert for Moby Dick, I might expect an uplifting, light, "warm-and-fuzzy" children's story. In no way should you consider this a criticism, rather it's merely an observation based on my knowledge of the story. It's a wonderful illustration and who wouldn't love this whale.
Since you're not sure you'll use this idea, I'm eager to see the next one!
Have a great week and best of luck with your recovery!!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

Hi Gary :)

yeah Moby Dick is a pretty dark book so that is probably why I don't think this really fits unless I go with trying to be ironic lol Not 100% sure on what I am going to do next for the poster we need that should celebrate the book but want to go a bit darker. I don't consider it a criticism at all!! I want to honestly know what people think of any art I post :D