Saturday, September 19, 2015

Book Wrap Up Sept, 19 2015

Didn't finish anything this week due to it being the first week back and busy finding out what we are going to be doing. Going to have to probably read a lot of art books to make up my reading goal for the year. Which might be a good thing because art related books need more reviews on Goodreads and everywhere else actually.

Still reading The Dark Forest, on page 266 so about half way done. Update on Goodreads: "taking a bit long to read due to uni but liking it more then the first one. seems easier to read, the writing flows better"

And a new book for me that I saw a booktuber on Youtube talk about and thought it looked like a good book to have. 

Goodreads link :)

I have alot of 20th century design books to have a go reading threw this week, but will probably not get all 5 finished :p We are encouraged to read a lot on this course, so thats great for me. Means I still get to read, which I love but also hopefully learn about art history/deisgners I didn't know about before.

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Lisa Isabella Russo said...

I love art books! I'm looking forward to seeing the ones you review.