Sunday, October 18, 2015

72 Days Later

Well, 72 days if I did the math right since jaw surgery. The scar is looking good and my hair has grown back about an inch where they shaved it, (not that you could tell it was shaved unless I pointed it out in the first place). Face is still numb, and painful to touch. And drooling is fun....TMI?? meh :p

I can open my jaw better than I could before but too painful to actually chew anything on my left side. Could be nerve damage, could be because I need a root canal on the 20th, time will tell.

Still getting a small piece of gold in my eyelid to try to help it close properly, which I can't wait for since it will hopefully also help with my vision being able to use my eyelid the way it should work, (being able to blink properly).

So its good I can open my mouth properly now, but the nerve damage (burning, tingling feeling), is def. worse this time.


2paw said...

Bah humbug, the scar looks to have healed nicely?? (Trying to think of a positive!!)
It will be good to have your tooth fixed tomorrow and your eye as well. I am going to the dentist tomorrow too. I hope there will be less drooling than last time!!!

Studio at the Farm said...

Hi Jennifer!
The scar is looking much better. I'm sure the nerve damage will heal well, too - it takes months or years. I must say, I admire you for going through all this, and you still are quite positive!
Thank you for the note on the parrots. Should be finished today [the white version anyway]. It catches my eye as I pass by my work area, and I like it - that's a good sign :)
Being Canadian, you know about the election today. I am keen to go out to vote, and get rid of harper [intentionally with no capital letter].

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

yeah the scar looks ok, just red but that will fade :)

hope your dentist visit goes well!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

yeah the nerve damage should heal in time, if not, it still means I don't have to deal with arthritis in my jaw so thats a plus :)

I said to my dad, I don't care who you vote for, but don't vote for harper :p will be interesting to see what happens after today

Studio at the Farm said...

YAY!!! Trudeau came in with a landslide. Here's hoping he is something like his dad - strong, intelligent, willing to kick ass :)
It felt like a "new" day yesterday!!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

hopefully they do a better job, not that that will be hard :p now to only get the tories out of power here

Shashi Nayagam said...

I hope you feel better soon J'en.

SMV said...

Aww, bless you! Gosh, I hope your recovery goes smoothly and speedily. xx