Thursday, May 19, 2016

Throwback Thursday

Blame living in Alberta for this one. Drawn at 15, 20 years ago making me feel really old.

I drew a lot of these swirly things growing up, still do when I am bored.


kaslkaos said...

Ooooh swirly I'm not the only one.
You could flog tourism to Aberta with your horses, cute.
And if you're old, I am ancient.
Just catching up on your blog as I "hopefully" am coming out of hermit mode.
My husband is in need of a root canal. I don't think I'll mention your experiencess--as always, my comment is 'ow'.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

the root canal itself was no problem, just keep having problems with my teeth getting infected

kaslkaos said...

I will tell him that (the no problem part anyway).