Thursday, July 07, 2016

Throwback Thursday

I  know I have posted this photo of me before but I wanted to post it again so people could see it and show what my hand use to look like with the extra pinky finger. I am having problems with my left hand more than usual, so back to the Drs about it and the problem with that area where the extra finger use to be, is that the joint closest to the base of my hand is loose. Not dislocated but moves around more like it wants to dislocate. So, when it really hurts that is what is happening, nothing to do but deal with it really. Now that the Doc showed me and had me feel what it is doing, I am always feeling the joint moving and I should stop tho since it hurts lol

And in other news, I have Carpal Tunnel in my left hand, which is odd since I am right handed. But said it could be from so many things and to try splints first before possibly having to go the surgery route.

And who thought yellow against a blue background would work?? lol


Shashi Nayagam said...

Such a cute photo. I like all your sketches and I am glad you keep going with your art. Take care.

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

What an adorable photo! I hope you are in less pain soon. I hope you don't need surgery. I am so impressed by you and how you handle things.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thank you Shashi :)

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thanks Lisa :) hoping I don't need surgery either *crosses fingers*

Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Jennifer,
Holy Mackerel! When it rains it pours, but your attitude seems to remain strong throughout, and nothing is more important than that. Hope the treatment works and you'll avoid surgery.
Hang in there!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thanks Gary, yeah hoping I don't need any more surgery

2paw said...

Oh you poor thing it is a never ending cavalcade of horrid things. And once you know your joint moves, you can't not feel it all the time. Like a loose tooth.