Monday, September 05, 2016

Carousel Horse #1

The colours in this will be changing. Right now I am just getting the basic shapes made and then I can go in and add more detail and make the colours fit the design a little better. Right now he is a little too blue lol Not sure what colour to make the horse, maybe I will keep him blue, just not as bright.

I got a bunch of free art supplies the other day and one of those wooden mannequins was in one of the 5 boxes. So it is yesterdays sketch, and the hands and feet for todays sketch.


Michelle B. Hendry said...

I have looked at these and wondered how useful they are for figure drawing... Very nice sketches!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

not sure how useful they would be to a person who hasn't actually drawn a lot of people from life. Useful maybe to figure out some poses, but I think a person would need at least to have basic life drawing skills to really get use out of one and make the pose looks human (and you do have the skills for life drawing, so it might be useful for you? they are usually cheap)