Friday, October 28, 2016

Inkober #28

Todays sketch is of a large reel of thread for the sewing machines. I should sketch the machine actually for one day, there are 3 to draw lol

And the line art for a horse's eye that I am hoping to do in coloured pencil. The sketch is about 5 inches square so should be able to find the time to work on it. I just really feel like drawing an animal at the moment.


Jo Castillo said...

Oh, I like these quick sketches.

Yes busy life gets in the way of art sometimes. Best of luck getting it to settle down!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thanks Jo :) prob wont settle down until Im done studying which might (hopefully) be for awhile

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

What a lovely sketch of the thread. I love your animal art, I hope you have time to go further with the horse.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thank you Lisa :) hoping I will have a few hour tomorrow to get started on it :)