Saturday, October 01, 2016

Weekly Book Wrap Up

I did read on issue of a comic this week too but its not on Goodreads at the moment, probably because its pretty new. Really liked it tho, nice art and story so far.

Snow CrashSnow Crash by Neal Stephenson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

um...well this was a bit boring. Great idea and the story sounded like something I would enjoy, but the plot moved way too slow for me. And the whole language as a virus thing, was just so poorly written and I am a big history buff so should have enjoyed those parts a lot more than I did. Maybe I was expecting too much since so many people love this book or maybe cyberpunk is not the genre for me. And the ending?! come on, all that build up and then it pretty much finishes with one big bang that really is only vaguely linked to any other event in the book, just thought it was really over rated.

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Lisa Isabella Russo said...

I'm sorry the book wasn't as good as you'd hoped. Thanks for the review!

2paw said...

I have tried to like cyber punk and I did read a whole series that was all about virtual reality or some weird thing plugged into people's heads. In the end it was not for me either.