Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Graphic Module #9

These are some sketches for my comic that I forgot to post here. A few character sketches and a few creature sketches before I went with the creature looking more like a boney deer lol Good luck reading my messy handwriting. (going to be image heavy, sorry)

Another version of me as a superhero, not that I wear skirts that much.

Thumbnail for my superhero comic because what do superheros do on their day off? (yes, I know what the sketch on the right looks like lol)

 Finished simple comic. First time using Clip Studio Paint, and I really need to figure out how everything works with that program. It does a lot but like most, has its little quirks.

Quick sketches of the creature in the comic, but went with the more boney look in the end.

Final rough design. When I drew the comic panels, I added more detail to it.

Sketches for the three campers, and I didn't have to draw full bodies because they are sitting down around a fire. The bottom sketch is the really rough thumbnail for the pages. When I post the final comic, its not changed that much in the finished version.


denthe said...

How fun to see your progress on these comic strip figures. It looks like you know how to do it!

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

It is wonderful to see these images! I love how they've evolved. Your sketches are lovely.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thanks denthe :) I have lots to learn about comics still, hopefull I get the time to draw more of them soon

thanks Lisa :)