Thursday, February 23, 2017

Throwback Thursday

Me in 2007 and a bunch of reptiles/lizards since I still can't draw or use my right hand to use any digital programs, so have some old photos. These are Bearded Dragons that really didn't want to go back in their box, stuck to my clothing.

I miss my snake. No space for one now, and even a basic coloured Ball Python is not cheap to get here. Sky would probably freak out if she saw one lol

I can't remember what this lizard is called, some type of monitor lizard I think which doesn't narrow it down at all (I don't know lizards very well, more of a reptile person). All I can remember is that it was pretty bloody heavy lol


Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I don't have a lizard or snake, but I do enjoy handling them when I have the opportunity. I'm sorry about your hand, but hope it heals quickly. Blessings!

Chris Lally said...

Trusting you are on the mend.
Lizards - ok. Snakes? Scary...

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

What lovely photographs! The animals really seem to like you. I hope you continue to rest and take good care of yourself and feel better soon.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

Arnolda, they are such neat creatures to handle and to watch. some are pretty easy to take care of too with a little research into the animal :)

Chris, nope, still messed up but getting easier using computer with left hand lol snakes aren't scary at all, the little ones like the one here are pretty harmless and hardly bite

Lisa, I love snakes and reptiles, they get such a bad undeserved reputation

Julie Ford Oliver said...

Scaredy cat me would never dream of even touching a snake - friendly or not, but my daughter is obviously more like you and had a boa in the basement for years while still at home. Raised mice too - for obvious reasons!
You look so pretty in the photos nice to see you.
Hope the wrist improves quickly.
Really like the animal head painted effect.

2paw said...

We have a little lizard inside on the blind. Here so many snakes are poisonous, deadly and scary that a lizard (blue-tongue) at your house is such good luck. They scare the snakes away. You look very at home with the reptiles.