Thursday, March 30, 2017

Left Handed Sketches #32 & #33

Trying to draw more than the just the heads of birds for my 365 challenge, so here is a Cormorant and you do see them around here on the coast sitting on the rocks in the sea but without binoculars they just look like tiny black spots.

And even tho I just wrote I want to draw more than bird heads, heres a Crane head lol


Chris Lally said...

Haha! Nice ones! Really nice ones!!

June Walker said...

I love the expressiveness of your left-handed drawings.

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

These are both wonderful! Your left handed drawings are amazing!

denthe said...

I love drawing and painting birds, so I never tire of them. Great job with your left hand!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thank Chris :)

thank you June :)

thanks Lisa :) you are doing pretty good too at keeping up with your sketches

thanks denthe :) I never get bored drawing birds either :)