Thursday, March 09, 2017

More Beer Label Designs

Decided to experiment with different mockups to see how a design would work on different bottles. I probably wont use them because then I have to go out and buy beer to get the bottles to use in the final design and I don't like beer so it would go down the drain. I guess I could see if I could find some cider bottles that might work, I will drink cider lol

I actually really like how simple this design looks on a can. The white and blue look good, haven't designed the back yet. But I can still only work for very short periods before my arm feels like it wants to snap, but I will keep trying to work more with my left since as it is starting to look like the right arm is going to take awhile to heal.

None of these designs are the final one, I'm still trying to find what works the best for my idea.


Rose Welty said...

Looking good!

Chris Lally said...

I'm impressed - really nice!!!

Sue Clinker said...

These look good. Shame we don't live closer as hubby could help you out with the beer! Suex

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

The design looks great! I like it on both the bottle and the can.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thanks Rose :)

thank you Chris :)

lol Sue, he could have drunk it all since my hubby isn't a big fan of beer either lol

thanks Lisa :)

2paw said...

I really like the blue and white too. Yes, totally agree: someone else has to drink the beer. We have lovely local cider and perry. Yum!! I'd buy your labelled bottle. Hope you are feeling less unwell???