Monday, April 03, 2017


Roadrunners don't look like they do in the cartoons lol (#37/365)


Jan said...

It is amazing to me how wonderful your sketches are and you are drawing them left handed!!!

Chris Lally said...

They're still kind of cute. Love the sketch!

Julie Ford Oliver said...

Such a great sketch, Jennifer, I recognized it before reading your post.

We have one courting his reflection in a window. Our "too early" alarm clock! Drives my hubby whacko.
They have fabulous marking round their eyes. They are quite cheeky and fearless. I chase him off when he settles below the bird feeder hoping for a tasty finch!

Studio at the Farm said...

A very cool-looking bird, Jen! Loving your drawings.
And thank you very much for your compliment on the "squishy"-faced cat :)


Shashi Nayagam said...

Great sketch.

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

You are doing so great with your left handed sketches, wow! I love this bird sketch!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thanks Jan :)

thank you Chris :)

Julie, I couldn't get the markings around the eyes, too hard lol glad you recognized it before reading the post. can you maybe put a mirror in the yard for him to tap on instead?

thanks Kathryn :) you are doing great with the cats :)

thank you Shashi :)

thanks Lisa :)