Monday, April 17, 2017

Startled Penguin

Know idea what kind of penguin this is, but its sketch #51, which is a lot more done then I though I would get finished lol


Jeanette Jobson said...

This little fellow is sweet. I don't know the type however. I do remember finding a "lost" penguin when I was leaving Paignton Zoo years ago with the children. He was standing under a bench I was sitting on and waddled out. I had to stroke him of course which he allowed and he was a solid mass of muscle with stiff feathers. It was tempting to tuck him under my sweater and bring him home. :)

Chris Lally said...

He is a very handsome penguin - that's what kind he is!

Leslie Redhead said...

I just love the looseness of your sketches! You are able to capture so much with your line work.

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

Oh it is wonderful! I love it!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

lol at your friendly lost penguin Jeanette :) probably would have been a very messy pet, cute tho :)

lol thanks Chris :)

thank you Leslie :)

thanks Lisa :)