Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sunday Sketches

A crane and an Egyptian  Vulture. Vultures are cool :D

Left handed sketches #63 and #64

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stefanie stark said...

Your birds exercises are really cool. Is still the left hand exercise? It's fantastic! I love it to look at them! Would like to talk to them too. They have a funny character.

carol l mckenna said...

Love the crane sketch ~ well done ~ thanks,

Wishing you a great week ahead ~ ^_^

alarmcat said...

great sketches!! yes, vultures are interesting birds!

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

What wonderful sketches! The crane has a beautiful elegance.

Michelle B. Hendry said...

Really enjoying these! The vulture is great. An angry Borden milk cow logo... lol! Remember that logo?

RH Carpenter said...

That vulture has tons of personality! Have a wonderful week :)

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thanks stefanie :) yep, still left handed :)

thank you carol :) have a good week too :)

thanks alarmcat :)

thank you Lisa :) they are pretty elegant birds, when they fly at least lol

thanks Michelle :) I remember that cow, use to know someone who had an old store sign with that logo on it

thanks Rhonda :)

Studio at the Farm said...

Hi Jen,

Your birds have such vitality and expression, especially that vulture.

Thank you for your comment on the cats. I am pleased with their look. As for the endangered animal drawings, it really is the least I can do to [hopefully] increase awareness of them. This week I'm doing a Vancouver Island marmot - there are many different types [who knew?] I still remember seeing a marmot in our backyard in Vancouver. How did he get there???


Chris Lally said...

And your sketches are very cool, too!!

Alexandra MacVean said...

You're so much fun, Jennifer. I really love and admire your work these past few months. Your Egyptian Vulture is fantastic! :)

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thanks Kathryn :) there are few animals that are endangered that need more recognition

thank you Chris :)

thanks Alexandra :)