Friday, June 23, 2017

Finally friday

(# 116)

After a very grey rainy week we finally had some sun today which I hope stays around for the weekend but I doubt it since there is a music festival on this weekend and it never fails to rain when there is a big festival on.

An Australian Galah for #117, love how pink the are but very loud things.

I swear its an owl not an alien lol (#118)

And here is a short random video from the other day and you can get a sense of the barking we have to deal with almost all the time in the car, the dog just gets too excited and has to bark!

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Victoria said...

Gorgeous line work..these are all so beautiful and alive! I always enjoy your art!
Thanks for the fun vid!
Happy PPF
Victoria #38

Sue (this n that) said...

Really lovely drawings - in your unique style :D)

NatashaMay said...

Gorgeous sketches. Love the continuity of the lines. :)

Susan said...

These are very nice sketches and your sketching style makes such a statement in your artwork. Love it! Happy PPF

Chris Lally said...

Great sketches, as usual. Really enjoyed the video, too (silly dog) - rain & green here in Oregon also.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thank you Victoria :)

thanks Sue :)

thanks you NatashaMay :)

thanks Susan :)

Chris, she is very silly, gets her self so worked up sometimes I don't know how she has any bark left :p Oregon was pretty green when I was there, looked pretty :)

ArtbyNicolaMcLean said...

You must surely be in Scotland describing the grey miserable weather you've been having?? It's certainly been a driech summer up in the far north so far but hope springs eternal that we'll get some sunny days before autumn rolls around!!

I like the looseness of these sketches very much. I wasn't able to watch the video just yet as I have two very yappy westie terriers and if they hear another dog barking it'll just set them off so I'll have to pop back when they aren't around!!

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

I love your birds so much! They are wonderful. It was really neat to hear your voices and it certainly is very green there...

denthe said...

Great sketches again! I loved the Galah's when I was living in Australia. Loud, yes, but then almost all Australian birds are ;-) Hope your weather will get better, that rain is no fun!

Julie Ford Oliver said...

How sweet is #116. Looks very content. I am sure she didn't mind the continual rain.
Love the sketches...more lefties I presume?
The dog barking video made me miss my dog. Luck you.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

yep nicole, in Scotland and had more rain today :/
driech is the perfect word to describe the weather we are having, and when I use it, friends in Canada have no idea what I mean lol the dog only really barks near the end :)

thanks Lisa :) i like how it stays green here pretty much year round :)

thanks denthe :) would love to see a Galah in person but will have to just stick to seeing the odd macaw, which are loud enough :p

yep Julie, more left handed sketches :) aww sorry :( didnt mean to make anyone sad with the video :(

2paw said...

Galahs are Really Annoying and so noisy and messy. Yours is lovely. I played sky barking to Hedy, but she is asleep. Hedy barks like that on the way to our walk, but not in the way home. Looks like you have more wintry weather there than we are having here. It is -2*C in the. Ironing, but warm enough for short sleeves in the sunny afternoon.

Giggles said...

Great sketches..Really all so interesting! This is such a great style!!

Hugs Giggles

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thanks Cindy :) the weather here has been very un-summer like :/ Sky barks more of she knows we are going to the park lol

thanks Giggles :)

Jean said...

Oh wow - these are so cool!