Saturday, July 22, 2017

Sky Left Handed

Well, Sky drawn with my left hand. There are theories that dogs can be right or left handed and different ways to tell which they are, as well as being left or right paw dominant actually can show your dogs temperament. Some dogs do seem to use one paw more than the other, but don't think you can tell the temperament based on which paw your dog prefers *shrug*

This isn't part of my 365 challenge,  John just wanted to see if I could draw Sky with my left hand. Not bad for the first dog I have drawn with my left hand.


RH Carpenter said...

Not bad? More like pretty amazing! I had heard that dogs and cats can be right or left dominant. But never even thought about it when we had cats. No pets now, unless you count all the tadpoles-turning-into-frogs!!

Michelle B. Hendry said...

Wow! Looks great!
My cat is just dominant. I do what he says. ;)

Chris Lally said...

Great drawing of a beautiful dog!
A new series??

2paw said...

I have heard about dog handedness too, mine both shake with whichever hand is opposite mine. It is a very good sketch of Sky, you could do more of those!!!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thanks Rhonda :) frogs count as pets lol :) noisy ones tho :p

thanks Michelle :) my cat use to be the same way, very pushy and he was a big kitty :p

thank you Chris :) hmmm I might do another 365 for dogs one day :)

thanks cindy :) sky doesnt shakes unless she wants something :p