Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sunday Sketches

A tiny tiny hummingbird for left handed sketch #154. a puffin for #155 and a hornbill for #156. I tried to draw a swimming puffin, didn't work that well lol. Try again later since I love puffins and want to try to go see them in the wild since there is a few places not that far away I could. Just have to watch the cliffs and probably tie a rope to John so I don't fall lol.


  1. The hummer makes me smile. We saw puffins in Nova Scotia. Beautiful, thanks for reminders of the memories.

  2. Delightful bird sketches ~ ^_^

  3. They are so wonderful. I have a real soft spot for hummingbirds, yours is beautiful.

  4. thank Jo :) Never saw them in Nova Scotia when we were there, saw lots of seals tho :)

    thanks June :)

    thank you Chris :)

    thanks carol :)

    Lisa, I think Hummingbirds make most people smile :)