Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Quack Quack

(left handed sketch #163)

A smew duck, the male is very pretty mostly white bird.

 (left handed sketch #164)
An attempt at drawing a flying seagull, could have been better but still have problems with perspective with my left hand.

I swear if it doesn't stop raining here soon we are going to have to build an arc, snakes welcome, wasps not.


Lisa Isabella Russo said...

I very much love your birds, the duck is so sweet looking!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thanks Lisa :)

carol l mckenna said...

You do these so well ~ lovely sketches ~ ^_^

Christine said...

Very nice, your left handed art is improving so much!

Neesie said...

I'm in awe every time I see your left-hand sketches Jennifer. You draw brilliantly. That seagull is flying high :D

Chris Lally said...

I wouldn't be so hard on myself about perspective with your left hand. Most people wouldn't even attempt what you're doing. Your sketches are nicer than you think.
Hoping your rain moves along to a place where it is much needed.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thank you carol :)

thanks christine :)

thank you Neesie :) the wings looks a bit small for the pudgy gull lol

Was a nice day today Chris, so got a bit of sun :) and thanks, its good practice but frustrating sometimes when things dont turn out right :)

Julie Ford Oliver said...

I have seen lots of artists using their primary hand not able to do anywhere near as good as this.

Studio at the Farm said...

Jen, your sketches are phenomenal ... and with your non-dominant hand!!! I am gob-smacked [Had to use that term - love it :) ]
Thank you for your comments! My students are keen, as am I.


PS - we would be happy here to take that rain.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thanks Julie :) I still need a lot of practice tho :)

thanks Kathryn :) havent heard gob-smacked for years lol :)

Shashi Nayagam said...

Lovely as always