Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sunday Scribbles

(left handed sketch #167)

A northern spotted owl turning its head around backwards. Its actually very interesting to know how they rotate their heads so much. 

 (left handed sketch #168)

This is a golden-breasted starling. Very pretty and colourful bird.

 (left handed sketch #169)

And a plain white duck :) Most people have seen a duck of some kind.

There use to be a Sunday Sketches group over on Alexandra's blog where people could post links to their Sunday posts. I have had a few people say to me they miss it so after asking Alexandra if I could try to start another group linky, so I did.

Post your Sunday art here so we can all see what you have created :) (hopefully the linky thing works *crosses fingers*)



  1. Very nice left handed sketches Jennifer, I will link up tomorrow thanks!

  2. Beautiful birds, Jennifer!

  3. I love ducks and owls and it is amazing how birds can turn their heads. Your sketches are fabulous and good for you for carrying on the Sunday art link tradition...

  4. thanks Christine :) I can't remember when I shut the linky down, could be noon :)

    thanks Chris :)

    thank you Lisa :)

  5. Wonderful ~ I love the expressiveness in the eyes in both of these ~ lovely work ^_^

  6. What a great idea to post links to other Sunday Scribblers :) I love your birds, especially the owl but that duck is pretty darned cute, too :) There is a certain charm in your left-handed sketches and I think it's from your linework to get where you are going using several lines (which you leave and do not erase - I like that).

  7. thanks carol :)

    Rhonda, I coudn't erase the lines even if I wanted to. but I think drawing in pen helps me to focus on the important lines to make :)