Thursday, November 09, 2017

Personal Project Post #1

My personal project is in no way saying that indigenous people are drunks, so please do not think that. My project is addressing the horrible stereotypes that non-indigenous people have about indigenous people and hopefully make people stop and think about the actual person and not the horrible things that indigenous people get called. This design was just me trying to come up with the basic look and still needs some work done to it, but I have plenty of time to finalize the posters/campaign. I am thinking the final art will be somewhere in between these 2 text

I'm using photos from Edward S. Curtis, and as far as I can tell I don't have a problem using them, but if I do, let me know.


  1. Clever idea and very relevant.

  2. That is a fascinating piece conceptually, it is also very visually appealing.

  3. thanks Christine :)

    thank you cindy :)

    thanks Lisa :)

  4. Very creative and unique project and photos ~ love it ^_^

    Happy Weekend to you ~
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)