Friday, March 30, 2018

March Meet the Maker Update #3

The last post for March meet the maker with a few of the images I took for it. I did miss 3 days trying to get a project done that was due on Thursday but I have managed to post for it most of the days when I didn't have too much uni work to do.

Day 22 sketchbook and lists 
This is less then half the sketchbooks I have at the moment 😑😜

Day 28 organised

Does this look organised? 😛

Day 30 advice

Too many artists/makers compare themselves to other artist/makers. Worst thing to do as we all have different skills and are at different levels of work


  1. Haha - no, you don't look organized, but bet you know right where to find everything you need.
    And love the last pic - so true.

  2. quite a mess there lol. Great advice there on the art, every so often I see some art and think 'why do I bother'.

  3. Organized... i feel like making a mess. Everything in its place after moving.
    Love the sign!

  4. Have fun sketching and great quote ~ Happy Easter ~

    Happy Days,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  5. lol Chris :) yep, I know where everything is

    Christine, its been a lot worse lol

    Julie, everything looks so nice and put away after moving and unpacking, give it a few weeks ;) lol

    happy easter to you to carol :)