Tuesday, March 20, 2018

March Meet the Maker Update

Still posting photos for this over on Instagram and these have been a few of my favourite photos for it so  far :)

day5 photography 😊 I usually just use my phone for photos because I usually always have it but we do have an older DSLR and older film cameras to use but where can you still get film developed? 😛 need a dark room. I did take photography in high school and college so do know how to develop the film. Advantage of digital tho is there isn't a problem of paying to develop 1000s of pictures of the dog
day6 workspace 😊 my desk has been clean for more than a day, big shock but that's probably because I have only been doing digital stuff and not getting paint everywhere 😛

day15 boomerang oops missed a day 😛

Bunny butt!


  1. We've come a long way since developing film days.

  2. we have, taking photos is easier but using a dark room is more fun :)